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my first place

i have had one of the craziest, most roller coaster-like experiences trying to buy a house (and i hate roller coasters. i generally run to the nearest trashcan and puke my guts out when i get off one…). while it … Continue reading

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a few moments of fall

tonight i sat outside. outside in the open air. it was warm and breezy despite the clouds rolling in. the sun was low and bright over the treetops, shining in my eyes. i just sat. my hair whipped across my … Continue reading

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what i love about baking

there are many things i love about baking. i love spending time in the kitchen, music playing, the soothing sound of the blender churning away, the fan of the convection oven spinning. i love the mindless simplicity of making cookies. … Continue reading

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where’s velvet?

that sneaky little kitty…

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i love weddings

weddings demonstrate love! i absolutely love attending weddings. i love seeing two people tell each other that they will hold each other as their most loved and valued earthly prize. i love seeing family and friends celebrating a new marriage … Continue reading

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Christmas traditions

our family has a few Christmas traditions (most of them having to do with food). as kids, brother and i loved the tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve. this one present had to be pre-selected by mom and … Continue reading

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reduce, reuse, recycle. for Christmas?

most of us are familiar with the slogan “reduce, reuse, recycle” although i doubt very few of us associate this phrase with Christmas. sure, we all recycle and try to unplug things when we aren’t using them to save power, … Continue reading

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