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hickory flat out 5k 2011

since the springtime, i have been volunteering on the coordination team for the hickory flat out 5k to benefit hide and seek day camp (run by a couple of great friends of mine). i guess my official, self-appointed title would … Continue reading

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beach bike ride

while LT was at work last night, i rode my bike 11.3 miles. it was relaxing to feel the wind in my hair, i mean helmet cracks… and see all the animals that come and go off the trail and … Continue reading

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this week in yoga there was a new lady teaching. she didn’t play the traditional, zen, listen-to-the-river-trickle-peacefully-while-your-muscles-feel like-they-are-being-stretched-apart music. that music is great for a night class because it makes you feel sleepy and you can go home and go … Continue reading

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“if you let that weight touch one more time, i will pick you up and throw you through that glass window.” ouch.

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the fitness saga continues…

i. hate. crab. crawls. i would rather do almost any other exercise. actually, i cannot think of any exercises that i hate more. i question my own sanity. my poor trainer didn’t know what he was getting himself into when … Continue reading

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clumsy, yet again…

so, i fell on a concrete floor for the second time in less than 2 weeks… what is my deal??? i got my foot stuck, again! it happened to be on the abdominal crunch bench at the gym. luckily, the … Continue reading

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loving my body

not many people feel comfortable talking about bodies and image, especially women. especially Christian women. i probably wouldn’t have before i was in college. in my experiences growing up in Christian circles, bodies are seen as temporary and earthly things … Continue reading

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