when i am reading, i love to visualize the characters. when i write about the people in my life i always imagine them and their mannerisms. now you can put faces with names!

these are the people (and animals) that fill my life and are sure to be the subjects of many blogs:

mom and dad: cool, smart, generous

brother: hip, best friend, musician

LRD: always smiling, beautiful, math teacher

LT: tree hugger, picture taker, sarcastic

KK: techie, african missionary, techno music lover

lucy: nurse, lover of all things pink, wife

piper and haddyn: full of joy, inquisitive

xavier: affectionate, serious, middle child

jack: smart, unpredictable, future celebrity

gianna: loving, the star of the show

snowshoe: elusive, only loves leah

velvet: snuggle buddy, happy

luna: energetic, greeter of visitors

mr. barn kitty: loyal, barn guard, always hungry

nordique, gracie, knoella, azalea: beautiful, lawn mowers


3 Responses to Faces

  1. joy says:

    Love the faces…looking forward to more…

  2. Laura says:

    Haha, Piper and Haddy aren’t “soon-to-be” anymore! They ARE big sisters! 🙂

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