i am a perfectionist whose inadequacies are covered by the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ. i want to live less and less for myself and more for Him.

i love to travel!! food, language, creation, people, culture. mission trips or vacations. i have just begun to see the world and i don’t want to stop.

laughing is what i look forward to everyday. i even enjoy listening to my friends laugh at me and my silly idiosyncrasies.

relationships with people make my life a million times more interesting.

i am a 50/50 combination of a methodical, georgia tech alumni and an art major who can dominate any one i know in the kitchen. i can’t thank my parents enough for homeschooling me and putting me in public school, driving me across the country to horse shows, and modeling Christ for me.

blogging about of my life will be a challenge. its crazy, lovely, and real.  i am learning a lot about growing up. in each circumstance i hope to glorify God, learn something new, and not take myself too seriously. life is short. why do i worry? why do i freak out? God knows what i need.


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