teaching is hard

teaching is hard. i never wanted to be a teacher. my two best friends are teachers. i listen to their conversations and try to learn as much as i can about their jobs so that i can know what is going on in their lives. i do not envy their stories of children biting them or students bursting out with nonsense comments in the middle of a lesson. i always knew they are somehow more patient than i am.

i now have my first student at work. she a smart and capable student. she is responsible and listens well. even with a great learner, teaching is still hard for me. not only do i feel like i still don’t know enough to impart the kind of knowledge and experience a student should have, but i have realized that teaching is challenging to my shortcomings. i like to be in control, take action, and do things my own way. teaching requires that i be patient, be slow to take action when my student is learning new skills, and accept that things can be done differently and still be correct. i need to correct in a constructive way. teaching requires grace be shown to the student in their moments of weakness and insecurities.

i have had both some terrible and fantastic teachers in my journey through nursing, those peoples’ personalities have shaped and molded me into the nurse i am today. looking back on my teachers, i am all the more aware of the impact i will make on my student’s future career. it is a heavy responsibility. while i know i will continue to have students during my career as a nurse, i will leave the profession of teaching to my friends that love it.

LT, LRD, and nick, you all inspire me more than you ever have before. God has given you all wonderful gifts and i am so proud to have been able to watch you use those gifts. you all have cultivated your gifts over the last few years and will continue to do so for many more. i know your students benefit from those gifts more than they know.

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