sweet potato greens

this week in the CSA box (that i so generously received from some one who appreciates my true love for vegetables) i got sweet potato greens.

what are sweet potato greens? yes, i asked myself that about 100 times on the drive home. after a long google search of sweet potato greens, i found out that they are, in fact, the top green part of the sweet potato plant. local gardening people rave about their sweet tender leaves and crunchy stems and the advantages of being able to utilize the whole plant that you have grown. they are also known to be one of the cheapest greens available during their season. all things i like!

after reading multiple recipes and i decided to do what i do with anything that i am not quiet sure what to do with. i sauteed it on the stove with some onions. it tasted great, i have some ready for my lunch tomorrow. since i was overrun with a giant bunch of these tasty greens, i also decided it would be great in on of my favorite dishes: quiche! so i scrambled some eggs, cheese, more onion, and i even added some cubes of baked sweet potato to add to the sweetness of the greens. even better!

needless to say i will be having them for lunch and breakfast for the rest of the week!


get some sweet potato greens at the farmers market or grocery store this week. you will be happy you did.

and for those of you that don’t love all things green and from the garden (LRD, stay tuned), i will be making a pie at the end of the week.

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