watching the storm rolling in

but as for me, i would seek God,

and i would place my cause before God;

who does great and unsearchable things,

wonders without number.

he gives rain on the earth, and sends water on the fields.

-job 5:8-10

i have never given too much thought to rain. growing up on a farm i knew the importance of rain to both the productivity and beauty of the land. i always loved hearing the rain fall on the roof in my upstairs room at my parents’ house. i learned about the processes and formation of rain in science class. i was impressed by the evaporation, travel, and condensation of water and counted it as another aspect of God’s creation and never put much more thought into it beyond that.

now that i have my own plants and my own garden, i am much more appreciative of the rain (since that means i don’t have to spend 30 minutes dragging the hose around the yard) but i still didn’t consider it a “great and unsearchable thing” like job thought of it. in the past i would read over a verse like that and think to myself “God can do way better things than make it rain. couldn’t job come up with something else God does that’s a little more flashy to add in there at the end?” until this week…

while at the beach i was able to watch a storm roll in. twice. once while sitting on the beach and once while sitting on the porch where we were staying. one time at night and one time during the day. i have never experienced something quite like sitting still watching the sunlight be blocked out and the clouds grow ever darker and thicker as they moved along a vast view of sky and sea. it was beautiful. it made me feel powerless and amazed. watching the clouds move toward me and seeing the rain falling in the distance, i knew it would inevitably reach me. i began to ponder where that water came from and how far it traveled to fall where i was sitting at that moment. i thought about how it was also falling at my home, hundreds of miles away, at the same time it was falling at the beach.

rain falling to the earth really is wondrous. it is simultaneously so microscopic and enormous that the mind of a man could have never invented it. i just sat there and soaked it all in. i am amazed. God is tender enough to care for our needs and water our fields and also powerful enough to concoct a storm full of thunder crashing, lightening bolts blazing, and wind whipping wildly around by his command. he does great and unsearchable things!

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One Response to watching the storm rolling in

  1. Evan Redwine says:

    I enjoyed reading this sis! I miss you, love you, and look forward to seeing you a couple of weekends form now! Coldplay!

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