6th annual cookie fest

this year our annual time of making cookies changed a lot. with four working adults it took a lot more planning to get everyone together on the same day. the challenges didn’t stop there. with one person feeling sick and the rest of us exhausted from a long week of work and other holiday activities, actually getting into LT’s apartment with all the needed supplies and gifts was a workout enough. the actual making and frosting of the cookies was not something any of us were jumping off the couch to do after we got there. i even made the distractions a bit worse when i presented LRD and KK with two sweet, purring little kittens as their Christmas gift for their new home. really, who wants to make cookies when you could be playing with adorable 9 week old kittens!?!

after we opened gifts, got the kittens sleeping happily, and talked each other into the kitchen, the cookies were made and the frosting began (accompanied by charlie brown Christmas, of course). our cookies were not as impressive in number or intricacy as they have been in past years, but i can say that we laughed at each others’ “creations” with great pleasure! after we each frosted a handful of cookies we realized we had about a dozen more to go. we just slapped on any left over frosting and sprinkles just to have them finished. some of them were just plain ugly.

the best part of the night: we were together. four people who love each other and can talk about life without inhibition. it always reminds me of the line in the song have yourself a merry little Christmas that says “let your heart be light.”

we wrapped up the evening when nick came home to make us spiked coffee, take pictures (he get the photo credits for this post!), and judge our cookies. it doesn’t get much better than ending a day kicking off your boots, warming your body with a beverage, and warming your heart with the sound of the people you love laughing.

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kitten pictures to follow soon!

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