the most fabulous friday!

today, this friday, has been one of the best in a long time. besides making a test cake of the chai cake i am making for LT’s wedding, i have been doing some pretty awesome things: working out with my trainer, drinking starbucks, and reveling in the joy of getting a labor and delivery job! yes, you read that right LABOR AND DELIVERY!

since last friday, i have been called to ask if i would be interested in interviewing for a labor and delivery job at piedmont hospital, interviewed for said job, been offered the job, accepted the job, and had conversations that included words like “contract,” “salary,” “benefits,” and “differentials.” pretty weird. pretty grown-up, i say. pretty exciting.

through my youth, my time in college, and since graduation, God has answered my prayers to become more patient by teaching me to wait on him. waiting on him and seeing his faithfulness and how he cares for his children has been one of the (seemingly longest) most peaceful times of my life. i am so thankful for the joy and peace i am able to experience during this exciting time because of the freedom i have in the gospel!

last night we celebrated with champagne and my favorite take-out. tonight we celebrate with chai wedding cake and family friends. who knows what the rest of the weekend holds!

“commit your way to the Lord. trust in him and he will act.”

psalm 37:5

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One Response to the most fabulous friday!

  1. joy says:

    Great, great week!

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