lost teeth friday

when brother and i were little we didn’t believe in santa claus or the easter bunny or the tooth fairy. our parents didn’t rob us of any joy or childhood infatuation by not going along with the commercialized schemes of every holiday. if they had, we probably would have figured out it was all fake anyways. we were pretty smart and inquisitive kids.

what i love is that our parents offered us alternative celebrations and gifts. in my mind, better ones. the tooth fairy only leaves kids $1.00 for their teeth when they put them under their pillow. every time brother or i lost a tooth my parents let us do whatever we wanted with our teeth and then they took us to dairy queen for ice cream. a blizzard at dairy queen is an over $3.00 value, so, i say we made out better in the long run.

when piper lost her first two teeth this week it was a cause for celebration! after she carefully showed us her little teeth, in a bag for safe keeping, brother and i told her we would take her to dairy queen get some ice cream, not to mention cool ourselves off in these relentless, over 90s temperatures.

i enjoyed being able to partake in this family tradition with piper. she and haddy were the first to say what a great idea it was. “we should do this every time me or haddy losses a tooth!”

(sidenote: even though she says she is just kidding, haddy occasionally reaches her finger to her mouth to check the looseness of her teeth. you know, just in case one happens to be getting loose…)

i haven’t lost a tooth since 5th grade and i will use almost any excuse to eat dessert, so i think we may be continuing this tradition for another generation of teeth-losers.

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