happy 6th birthday piper joy!

happy 6th birthday to a little girl who brings so much love and joy to my life!

it is hard to believe that piper is 6 already. i remember the tiny blonde toddler i used to hold at community group. i remember everyone’s excitement when she started learning words and talking. we all thought she was so grown-up then…

i love watching piper grow and learn and explore and be amazed by new things. it makes me look forward to the things she will continue to learn and experience as she grows older.

i have seen her conquer some “firsts” with great confidence this year.

her first solo ride on gracie:

her first dance with a boy at a wedding:

her first experience “training” a puppy:

her first time writing a card and reading it aloud:

… and her first time making tie-dyed tshirts (very important for a future fashionista):

while i love the grand adventures and life lessons, what i cherish the most with piper is just time. time is so valuable. there is never enough of it. piper fits into my life so easily. time with her is effortless. time with her is a joy. i get to make great, lasting memories with her from seemingly ordinary moments.

piper joy, thank you for loving! thank you for allowing me to love you. it is a blessing and privilege to have you as such a significant part of my life. i pray for many more years of love and joy and hugs and kisses.

“remember, you have one life. that’s all. you were made for God. don’t waste it.”

-john piper

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One Response to happy 6th birthday piper joy!

  1. Piper's Dad says:

    Thanks for your perspective, time, and love for Piper. Thanks for teaching her about the wonder of The Gospel and His glory in the mundane beauty of the everyday. Piper loves you deeply and I’m so privileged to share in it.

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