clumsy doesn’t begin to describe it…

after i got home from a lovely hike and picnic with a lovely friend, i headed to the kitchen to blast james taylor on pandora and make cupcakes for the birthday bash we are having for titus tomorrow.

still in my workout clothes (why take a shower before you get covered in cupcake batter?), i sit down on one of the bar stools in the kitchen to reply to some emails while my cupcakes are baking. while typing, i got my foot stuck in one of the other stools. i lean back slightly to give myself room to bend my knee and get my foot unstuck. before i know what is happening, the combination of my very slippery workout pants and gravity have me hurling backwards toward the concrete floor! let’s just say i landed right on my tailbone… yep, with my foot hitting the marble counter top on the way down. do you know how hard marble is? after yelling at the dog to stop licking me, my mom helped me off the floor and preceded to tell me i shouldn’t lean back on the stools like that. well, mom, all four legs of the stool were firmly planted on the floor! i didn’t need any help from the stool in order to land sprawled out every which way on the floor.

then she beings laughing like crazy at the fact that i fell off the stool completely on my own, while all four legs of it were on the ground. thanks a lot! i hadn’t even had a sip of sangria yet…

lesson learned: do NOT sit on bar stools while wearing work out pants!

bring on the comments.

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3 Responses to clumsy doesn’t begin to describe it…

  1. Carlos says:

    I LOL hard. To bad there’s not a picture of the scene, haha!

  2. Riley says:

    Haha that’s so funny! Lesson learned for me!

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