a giddy sigh of contentment

things that made this week great:

  • the beauty of the snow while driving to work this morning
  • that fact that the snow was completely melted by lunchtime
  • not having a migraine in 2 weeks!!
  • the sweet, juicy (literally, he just drank orange juice) kiss i received from xavier after i let him wear my pink aviator sunglasses
  • good news
  • catching up with my favorite spanish teacher from high school
  • lots of time to work out
  • community group- super bowl style
  • the return of GLEE (carlos, me dices le que piensas, por favor)
  • peace

and the week isn’t even over yet! it is going to get even better this weekend because:

  • brother is coming in town for the weekend
  • have you seen the forecast?!
  • i am making chocolate souffles, again…
  • spending my friday night with LRD, watching her down my chocolate souffles
  • brother and i are going watch the above mentioned new episodes of GLEE together and i will get to hear him laugh hysterically
  • having a big family dinner
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5 Responses to a giddy sigh of contentment

  1. Carlos says:

    I love that Glee is back! and I’ve liked both episodes so far. Again, I like the way you notice the small details of life, and enjoy them 🙂

  2. leahredwine says:

    carlos, i hope you know mom ditto-ing you also means that she is just as happy as you and i about the new episodes of GLEE! lol

  3. Carlos says:

    Hahah! I know that Joy also loves Glee.

  4. laurenlaurell says:

    Your life is perfect..You must get everything you want!

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