Christmas tree friday

well, our Christmas tree has been up for a week now. UP, not necessarily decorated. lights went on tuesday night and wednesday. ornaments went on wednesday and thursday. various nativity scenes, garland, stockings, candles, and Christmas dishes have been put out here and there. let’s just say it has been a week long process.

today was the last day i wanted to see all the boxes sitting around the living room and back porch. i hung all the final ornaments last night with the exception of a box filled with countless miniature crystal balls. thankfully, our little helpers, piper and haddyn, came over to decorate “their” back porch tree today. piper quickly inspected our inside tree and found the box of breakable crystal balls sitting on a table near the tree. being the methodical first born child, piper made it her mission to hang ALL the crystal balls on the tree (with permission, of course). you might be wondering why in the world we decided it was a good idea for a five year old to hang up glass ornaments… after standing on a ladder to decorate a 10 foot tree all week, i honestly didn’t care if they were all hung at 5 year old eye level around the tree or even if some were broken (which none were)!

the girls also completely decorated what is affectionately known as the “piper and haddy back porch tree.” they were so excited to see all the ornaments they made for it last year! they were both so good at putting on all the ornaments and piper was really good at spreading them out as needed (i think haddy might need a few more years to understand this concept). my mom even got an extra box of candy canes out and let them hang those on the tree as well. when all the ornaments were hung, they watched with great joy as mom placed the star at the top of the tree.

it is so inspiring to see the wonder and innocence in the eyes of 2 precious girls as we decorated for and talked about Christmas. they even asked to listen to Christmas carols as we decorated cookies (girls after my own heart). my love for Christmas grew as i got to enjoy it with 2 little people who constantly remind me of the real reason we celebrate and enjoy this season-a Savior who was born to redeem a people he loves.

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