friend fridays

during my senior year, i used friday afternoons to bake. it was my time to decompress and conveniently yielded some tasty dessert to snack on over the weekend. i haven’t been baking much over the summer, but i have a feeling friday night baking may officially be reinstated after last night.

fridays are now the only day of the week LT and i are privileged to see our newly employed friend, LRD. there is little in this world LRD loves more than dessert. the last few weeks, LT and i have made her a dessert to enjoy over a some good conversation. this week we chose to make banana cupcakes with honey cinnamon icing!

you can find the recipes for martha’s banana cupcakes and honey cinnamon frosting on martha stewart’s website. while i don’t like to watch martha on tv (i think she is condescending to her guests), her website has FABULOUS cupcake recipes. i am slightly obsessed with cupcakes. all her recipes i have used in the past have turned out great.

the baking went smoothly until we reached the frosting. after it was all whipped up LT and i stood peering into the bowl wondering how we could frost 12 cupcakes with such a small amount of icing. of course, i double checked the recipe and immediately asked for the expertise of my mom. the verdict: definitely NOT enough frosting. i found some homemade cream cheese icing from some cinnamon rolls mom made earlier that day and added it into our honey cinnamon frosting. the change in plans ended up making the cupcakes so much better. and LRD LOVED them, which is really all that matters!

while we were eating our cupcakes, mom gave us all a cooking lesson that also happens to be a life lesson. sometimes things don’t turn out how they are supposed to but you have to be flexible and adjust accordingly.

“sounds just like teaching math!” chuckled LRD.

the cupcakes were so flavorful and moist (like glorified banana bread). the icing was so fluffy and not too sweet. i loved them so much i ate one for breakfast this morning.

none of us could imagine the cupcakes without the cream cheese added to the honey cinnamon icing. i guess sometimes shortcomings cause us to be more innovative and think of doing things that we hadn’t thought of before. i find great security in following recipes exactly and achieving the expected results. if such wonderful results came from a little bit of cream cheese, imagine the excitement if i lived beyond the security of the recipe more often.

then we shared a cupcake with mom. she dropped it and it met its death on the marble counter…


pictures compliments of LRD.

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2 Responses to friend fridays

  1. Laura says:

    Sweeeet pictures! That was probably an amazing detox for LRD!

    Love youu!


  2. Carlos says:

    My mouth was watering while I was reading this! 🙂

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